Project Description

United Automation worked with the MassDot and GE to install and maintain a new Vent Fan and Electrical Distribution System for the Sumner / Callahan Tunnels in Boston and East Boston. This Tunnel System, originally opened in 1934 and 1961 respectively, provides a crucial link between downtown Boston and East Boston/Logan Airport, going underneath the Boston Harbor for approximately one mile.

The Control System Consists of five Redundant GE-IP 90-70 PLCs located in four Supply and Exhaust Vent Buildings, and the Administration/Control Building in East Boston. All the PLCs communicate via Ethernet over a fiber optic LAN. In addition a GE Cimplicity HMI SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) provides graphic interface, monitoring and control of all the Vent Fans in all buildings. The PLCs and SCADA System also communicates to GE PMCS Switchgear and Robicon VFDs via a Modbus Network. There is a link to a Cimplicity HMI Viewer computer at the MassDot HOC (Highway Operations Center) in South Boston to monitor and oversee the operation of this entire system.

The GE Control Systems provides fresh air flow to commuters in the tunnels based on time of day, traffic flow and patterns. In the event of an automobile fire the control system changes the flow of air based on location in the tunnel and redirects it accordingly. It also provides an interface to all the electrical distribution and breaker status. Alarming is also a key part of the Cimplicity HMI system, which posts, records and logs critical alarms with all pertinent information.