Project Description

The MBTA has a tradition of almost three hundred years of continuous mass transportation services. From the earliest beginnings to the present, the MBTA can be proud of its long tradition of innovation and progress. While claiming to be America’s oldest subway, it still remains the vibrant life stream of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. In terms of daily ridership, the MBTA remains the nation’s 5th largest mass transit system. It serves a population of 4,817,014 (2010 census) in 176 cities and towns with an area of 3,249 square miles.

United Automation, in conjunction with iSYS – Intelligent Systems & Control Contractors, Canton, MA – worked with the MBTA to install GE IP PLCs and Cimplicity HMI SCADA throughout the Subway system in Boston. This control system monitors and controls the vent fans and electrical distribution systems throughout the T and is networked via Ethernet for data acquisition and monitoring.