Project Description

United Automation was contracted in 2004 to be part of the team to develop the next generation jet engine component test systems for GE Aircraft Engines. The system was designed with various vendors and GE AEG personnel thru 2012 and has been successfully installed in eight test cells. Currently UA is adding functionality to the core design and installing the system in an additional test cells.

Once this is complete the first six cells will be upgraded to the latest version of software. UA responsibility involved designing a central Project Management Database (PMD) that is a configuration tool for all systems in a cell. Cells consist of 20 plus CPU’s running VxWorks, Linux, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, and several proprietary operating systems. The PMD generates and control the configuration data for the systems that comprise a cell. Systems typically have 30K real I/O points. In addition, UA developed the GE-IP Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) logic in Ladder and C that controls the cell facilities.

Developed the reflective memory (RM) architecture, interface standards, master control and software libraries. RM is a real-time fiber data network that is supported by all the systems in a cell. UA also designed and developed the SCADA system, this includes all scripts, API code in .Net, and HMI screens. UA also evaluated and took an active role in selecting a High Speed data logging system. The High Speed data logging system logs 8K real variables per millisecond. We have developed configuration, trending, and data mining tools to assist the client with evaluating the real-time data as well.