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Our goal is to help your business reduce costs and increase productivity by providing you with the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective solutions that meet your needs.


United Automation has extensive experience retrofitting and modernizing many diverse systems. We have upgraded Assembly Machines, Test Stands, Drive Systems, Process and Batch Control systems to name a few. Our highly experienced staff has the skill needed to evaluate and recommend an upgrade path that minimizes down time and cost. If you are contemplating upgrading and modernizing any of your equipment please contact us, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities and services.

New System

Complete system design, engineering, installation and commissioning services for most automation systems. Our staff has experience in Automotive, Aviation, Beverage, Discrete Manufacturing, Food, Power, Pharmaceutical and the Water industries. If your current business requires a new system or process to enhance efficiencies and/or support new product development let us assist in your evaluation process.

Information Automation & Integration

Collecting plant and process information has become a priority to optimize operations and reduce down time in today’s competitive marketplace. We specialize in linking and integrating diverse system into a common data collection system that can be bridged to enterprise MRP/ERP systems. United Automation has a mixture of controls engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, and information technologist on staff that are highly talented and capable of designing cost effective solutions to meet your needs.